Tri-Ex HZR-471N telescoping/rotating tower

This tower is on the ground and available for pick-up at the W0AIH site near Fall Creek, Wisconsin. It extends to 71′ tall and is fully rotational, with a footprint on the ground of only a 7′ radius. Paul actually had two 471’s, one rotational which he had since the 1960’s and which fell due to an act of vandalism, and a non-rotational one which had previously held a moonbounce array at W0HP. The sections of the fallen tower were not salvageable, but the rotating parts fit fine with the W0HP tower. It is virtually complete, and we are asking $3500.

This was the fully-loaded tower in 1970. At the top of the tower is a 6el20 on a 64′ boom. Below that is a 6el quad for 10/15, and a 4el20 pointed in reverse. On the mast 10′ above is a 2el40. Loading to this degree is not recommended!

Current pictures of the tower:

The ring which mounts at the top of the first section and makes rotation possible:

The “Tri-Pods”, solid rods that support the tower. We have two sets.

Here upside-down is the base plate for the tower. At the top is the drive sprocket and the shaft which sits down into the base bearing.

Items still sitting on the base pier. At the top is a steel cylinder housing the prop pitch motor. Next closer is a sprocket mounted below the selsyn for reading direction. The four bolts sticking up from the gray triangle are where the base bearing is mounted.

Click on the picture above to see the full instructions
Click on the picture to see four pages of original engineering calculations.
We no longer have this motor for the raising mechanism, but it is just a simple 3/4 HP

Other items you should know…

  • New cable should be installed for raising.
  • We don’t have the raising motor, but it is just a common motor with a small pully on the shaft.
  • We have an extra cable drum & gearbox for the raising mechanism.
  • We have the guard for the motor/belt/wheel as seen in the catalog picture.